Monday, November 24, 2008

thankful for knitting

With such a long to-do list, I've had to check out from actively browsing the web. I've read through Bloglines and kept up with you all, but as you can tell from the time between posts here at sheepishone, I've been elsewhere.

Since I last shared, a few projects have been cast on and cast off while others have simply gained yardage. Lots has been accomplished. Lots more has yet to be. But I can't complain. Overall, things have been good here and I'm looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving break. I have to stop there, though, because attempting to wrap my head around the business of December could leave me in a bad state of mind.

The Through the Loops Mystery Socks have JUST been finished.  Socktoberfest ended in November for me, since I had some problems staying monogamous to my project...  I enjoyed the pattern, even this basic version.  The pattern repeat was never boring, and I thought it was extremely well-written, as are all of Kirsten's patterns.  Although I had wanted to knit the cabled version, this skein of The Plucky Knitter Single Ply 100% Merino in Green Tea was more variegated than I thought it was going to be.  It, not I, chose to go with the pattern's basic version.

I started holiday gift knitting.  This is another Lucky 7 hat knit in Malabrigo Worsted, Forest colorway.  I am finding that this pattern ALWAYS knits up snugly, and this is the last time I will use it.  Not even going up to a size 9 needle and knit extra cable twists seemed to help!

These ankle socks were a two-day project -- and remember, what I get done in two days, most of you fabulous knitters can be through with in one.  I didn't use any specific pattern, but here are the details: Cast on 48 sts on size 4 dpn.  K2, P2 rib for 10 rounds.  Knit two rounds in stockinette.  Begin standard Sl1, K1 heel flap.  Stockinette stitch through to toe.  Decrease to 8 sts.  Kitchener.

I had intended this yarn for an advent calendar: the idea was to knit all the hats and mittens in variegated Christmas-ish colors.  Once I did the first mitten in this Claudia Handpainted Sport Shorts Peppermint Mocha, I decided the advent calendar should really be done in solids.  

Next: A pair of Mini Fetching for Laurel.  I knit these from a skein of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (this yarn is now discontinued) I had laying in a drawer.  They are very dense, knit on size 4 needles.  I followed the pattern to a "t", casting on the same number of stitches, et cetera.  She's worn them to school, so she must really like them!

The last finished project I have to share with you is the MacDaddy socks that you've seen a bit about before.  (The pattern, at one time available on MagKnits, is now here.)  One sock features the Apple, Inc., logo and the other has the "happy mac" face.  Both were duplicate stitched on once the socks were completed.  Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Pewter and Louet Gems in Black are the yarns used.

I'm getting started on the solid version of my Adventskalendar today.  Hopefully it won't be January before I post again!  Oh, and I've got to remember to bake off the Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie dough chilling in the fridge.  Yum!

Meanwhile, have a very joyful, friends- and family-filled Thanksgiving!