Friday, July 23, 2010

knitting for the near future

when fall arrives, i will squeal with delight and pull on my recently-completed sweater.

a lot of my modifications were listed here, but even if you made no changes to this pattern, you would find yourself just as happy as i.

the pleating and the slightly puffy sleeves make me giddy...

no pockets on this one. i wanted to be sure that all attention was drawn upwards, upon better assets...

i had found some lovely amber faceted buttons on etsy, and had even as i was sewing them on, i thought, "these are too teensy. the buttons will slip through..." i wore it for only twenty minutes before the first two buttons came undone. as a result, the tortoiseshell buttons i bought as a plan b were then used.

pattern: manu
yarn: just under six skeins of the plucky knitter merino lite dk in honey wilkes
needle: body knit on a US 6, but i also used a size 5 and size 7 for cuffs, bands, etc.