Monday, May 4, 2009

tooting my own horn

i'm throwing any self-restraint out the window: welcome to the most narcissistic blog post ever.

there are a few things i can do really well. a few of them, just in case you're still reading:
  • a side-kick that can plant a heel into the nose of an adult at standing height
  • coax the thickest, most plentiful foam out of a pitcher of steaming milk
  • make a damn good guacamole -- even for a gringa
  • justify any shoe purchase
  • research random bits of info, regardless of pertinence
but i have never been good at inciting love fests over at ravelry. until now. (and yes, i know that there are projects that have been favorited hundred of times, but remember, this post is all about me and my fabulous WIP.) my newest project has been loved on so much in the last three days i'm beginning to feel a little light-headed.

i had e-mailed sarah, my favorite yarn dealer, a few months back, asking her to dye up a yellow-ish yarn in anticipation of may/june's project spectrum feature color. she happened to just have a couple of skeins of "honey wilkes" in her gorgeous merino/cashmere/nylon base. (amanda had commissioned the color, so i should properly thank her, too!) i took sarah up on her offer right away...

it was hard to wait for may to come round. even with a really gratifying project going for march/april's project spectrum, i couldn't get the honey wilkes out of my mind. i was itching -- positively itching -- to cast on. from the beginning, i was all set to knit netherfield. then i realized the pattern is written toe-up, which is not something i know how to do, nor do i care to learn how to do (yet). i pulled out my two favorite sock pattern books, more sensational knitted socks and more sensational knitted socks, and leafed through. as soon as i'd spotted it, i knew it'd be perfect: crosshatch lace.

it really is just the most perfect harmony. yarn+pattern=love.

i kitchenered the first toe last night and will cast on for the second sock as soon as i'm done here. like other things lately, i'm utterly consumed with this, gorging myself on the obsession of the pattern and yarn.

and those socks from the first round of project spectrum? well, they're lovely, and they'll have their place in my wardrobe. but they're no crosshatch lace... more like the sturdy jacob to my exquisite edward. ;)

green stems, also a more sensational knitted socks pattern, and dream in color smooshy "happy forest".