Wednesday, August 29, 2007

happy days are near again

I'll preface by saying it's in the low 100's today, but I'm pretending otherwise. My favorite season is Autumn. Windows open, breezes blowing, leaves falling, chilly mornings, sweaters and boots, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and pumpkin muffins... There may be nothing better.

I think that splurging on the 2% milk-with whip version AND the muffin will weigh on me once I'm on the Pilates reformer tomorrow!

Autumn also holds a special place in my heart because all three of my kids celebrate their birthdays, I love Halloween, and let's face it: once the costumes are hung up and the candy is stashed away, the retail rush of Christmas and other Winter Holidays begins. And you all must know by now that I can do my fair share of shopping.

My recent spree(s) have included lots of yarn for hand-knitted gifts I plan on making for Christmas. My sister has requested "Zeeby's Bag" with an added flair of "Marine swag" -- as in USMC Marines. I'm looking for some retro fabric to line the bag, and I think I'll duplicate stitch an anchor on the lower right hand corner.

My great UPS guy dropped off a box from Yarn Market yesterday. It was an order I'd placed a week ago and included an Addi Turbo so I can start The Great American Hero cape from New Knits on the Block for my son, Rowan dk handknit so I can make more Upside Down Daisy hats, and gorgeous and exclusive Lorna's Laces in Ballerina Blues:

Have you seen these Impressionist-inspired yarns at Yarn Market? My mother-in-law will swoon upon receiving some socks made from this. Once I saw the yarn in person, I went back an ordered six more skeins. The girls' ballet teachers will be getting socks for their end-of-year thank you gift.

I wanted to thank all of you who have been reading my blog thus far. I wish I could post more, but with three young ones about, I'm satisfied if I can get one post up a week. Thanks also to those of you who have linked my blog to yours. I take it as the highest compliment!

Have a great week!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Moratorium? What moratorium?!

So I think I voluntarily said in my last post that I'd not purchase any more goods to support my habit. I can't remember when exactly that went out the window, but it absolutely has. All of the fantastic things for which I was waiting to arrive have come, and my favorite is the Namaste bag I got over at Scout's. I'm now waiting for three skeins of yarn from The Plucky Knitter -- you have to check her out! Her colorways are to die for, and she just got picked up at The Loopy Ewe and One Planet Yarn and Fiber; hopefully her yarn doesn't become extinct so that I have to stalk websites just to see what's been updated.

Speaking of, I've never been fortunate enough to buy a skein of Yarntini directly from Jessica. Those skeins that do make it on eBay are always listed at a ransom, but besides that, I hate to buy a great yarn from a middleman at $40 when the indie dyer still only sells the yarn at $25. In any case, I've been on an autumn color kick lately and bought Pure Fall via eBay. I think I'll love it, and maybe Jessica will forgive me.

As for what is on the needles this week:

I'm still working on my Annika socks. They are slow going -- I keep them in the car for when I have to wait in the pick-up line at my daughter's school.

I cast on another Charade, this time in Rum Runner Yarn Pirate. I had fully intended to make a pair of socks in an undulating rib, but as soon as I got past the cuff, I was a woman possessed and Charade #2 began.

The Louisa Harding sweater is partially seamed. I am NOT liking it at all. I was in love with how this sweater fit -- on the model. I should have realized right away that I look awful in crewnecks. Anyway, I'll finish seaming it, for the practice of it, and then sock it away...

I have finished the duplicate stitching on a lot of the Christmas stockings. I am making four, and of the four, there is one I had to frog to the heel so I can add more length to the leg. They will be done before Christmas, though.

My afghan is hibernating, as per my Ravelry page. Have you been to Ravelry to put your name on the invite list? Or have you a Raveler already? Yes? Then have you donated?? Ü

And, as promised, a shot or two of my finished Charades in Rosie:

**and yes, those are Danskos!**

Sunday, August 5, 2007

knock my socks off

I am totally impressed by these socks -- or rather the pattern. I've finished the first Charade sock and it FITS! I had my doubts, as the pattern is only written in one size, and I've made more than my fair share of socks that don't fit through the ankle.

The first time I attempted this sock, I went ahead and cast on some extra stitches; of course the sock was a slouchy, gaping mess. Frustrated, I moved to this because I knew the gauge was a bit more, um, black and white, but we all know what became of that. So since I bought the Rosie to make the Charade, back to the Charade Parade I went.

Since I'm sure that you're tiring of reading my sock saga, I'll share with you what I most recently acquired (in black) to show off my hand-knitted creations. Aren't they cute? Once I've got a whole pair of Charades to show you, I'll model both the socks and the shoes.

I'm thinking I need a "what's in the mailbox today?" sidebar now. Over the last week, I've spent too much of my dear, dear husband's money on my hobby. My purchases this week included The Pink Panther yarn from Jana of white oak studio and a yarn request for The Plucky Knitter, GoKnit! pouches and some "vintage" colored knitting needles on eBay, a back issue of Interweave Knits (that'd be Winter 2006) and a Namaste Messenger bag from a very talented Scout at Scout's Swag. SCARY! Now I'll go into purge phase of my yo-yo yarn dieting and put a moratorium on the spending... hopefully.