Wednesday, August 29, 2007

happy days are near again

I'll preface by saying it's in the low 100's today, but I'm pretending otherwise. My favorite season is Autumn. Windows open, breezes blowing, leaves falling, chilly mornings, sweaters and boots, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and pumpkin muffins... There may be nothing better.

I think that splurging on the 2% milk-with whip version AND the muffin will weigh on me once I'm on the Pilates reformer tomorrow!

Autumn also holds a special place in my heart because all three of my kids celebrate their birthdays, I love Halloween, and let's face it: once the costumes are hung up and the candy is stashed away, the retail rush of Christmas and other Winter Holidays begins. And you all must know by now that I can do my fair share of shopping.

My recent spree(s) have included lots of yarn for hand-knitted gifts I plan on making for Christmas. My sister has requested "Zeeby's Bag" with an added flair of "Marine swag" -- as in USMC Marines. I'm looking for some retro fabric to line the bag, and I think I'll duplicate stitch an anchor on the lower right hand corner.

My great UPS guy dropped off a box from Yarn Market yesterday. It was an order I'd placed a week ago and included an Addi Turbo so I can start The Great American Hero cape from New Knits on the Block for my son, Rowan dk handknit so I can make more Upside Down Daisy hats, and gorgeous and exclusive Lorna's Laces in Ballerina Blues:

Have you seen these Impressionist-inspired yarns at Yarn Market? My mother-in-law will swoon upon receiving some socks made from this. Once I saw the yarn in person, I went back an ordered six more skeins. The girls' ballet teachers will be getting socks for their end-of-year thank you gift.

I wanted to thank all of you who have been reading my blog thus far. I wish I could post more, but with three young ones about, I'm satisfied if I can get one post up a week. Thanks also to those of you who have linked my blog to yours. I take it as the highest compliment!

Have a great week!


Patti said...

I can't wait to get my Impressionist-inspired yarn!! I wish they had pictures of the full skeins up - cause then I probably would've bought more! I got the Ballerina Blues, Les Fleurs, and Monet's Garden. I wish I could see the Starry Night and Paris Rain in person.

Natalie said...

Yummmy! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are my favorite. It is 110 plus here, so no lattes are in my immediate future. I did celebrate the first day of starbucks/pumpkin with a pumpkin scone and an iced tea... Then I had to hit the treadmill double time, but it was worth it!

Kate said...

Lucky teachers to get socks!

Now, I really want a pumpkin muffin....;D

a friend to knit with said...

I thought I was writing this post!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE favorite time of the year, HANDS DOWN! Pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!!
I do pilates, and all 3 of my children are fall birthdays too!!!! One in Sept. and two in November!
You sure have a lot lined up to knit for Christmas....are you knitting now???? :)
Love that lorna's laces.....

Wannabe said...

MMMM...PSL's. I just went dairy-free but I'm making an exception every Thursday night at knit night. PSL's just can't taste right with soy milk. :)

Sarah said...

oooh, I love Fall too! PSL - yum.

You do pilates too? Me too.

Gorgeous yarn!

: )