Sunday, September 9, 2007

WIPs: kid [and] gloves

How time flies! Two years ago, I had just delivered our little baby boy. Today, he's running around, climbing on the entertainment center and speaking in sentences! To think that I worried he'd develop more slowly in comparison to his sisters. He's moving at lightning speed, and probably just to keep up with those big sisters of his.

Since he IS a little daredevil, and because he's been running around after bath time with his hooded towel over his head and calling it a cape, I thought I'd knit him one. It's not unusual for me to think that one of my kids would love a particular knitted item, I knit it and then he or she hates it and refuses to wear the thing. This Greatest American Hero cape from New Knits on the Block is no different. Gavin loved it until I put the grosgrain ribbon closure around the neck. Now he will humor me by wearing the cape for literally three seconds and then he lifts his head and looks to the ceiling and groans "take it off".

So in this badly composed picture, he is throwing a fit. But he's wearing it. And that's what counts.

My other pet project is the fingerless gloves by Wendy of Knit and Tonic and I'm knitting them for Sarah at the Plucky Knitter. Sarah was looking for knitting volunteers; poor thing spends so much time dyeing yarn she's got no time to knit! She sent me a skein of her 100% merino wool in this gorgeous tonal plum colorway, I'll knit the gloves, send them back, and she'll have a project to show off her fantastic work at a LYS's fall open house. Thankfully, you don't have to go to her LYS to get The Plucky Knitter yarns. They're all over at Sarah's etsy shop. Go get some -- it's ALL beyond-words-beautiful! My two favorite base yarns are the above-mentioned merino and the merino-cashmere blend.

Not much else has been happening here. I visited a somewhat "L" LYS today. It was my first time at Knit This, Purl That. I loved that the gal working there sat on the couch and hung with my kidlets while I shopped around -- she seemed genuine and my daughters ate that up. Why can't all LYS be so welcoming to children?? I'm positive that the mom-customers would spend more money since they have more time to shop. I, in fact, had only gone in to search out the Lantern Moon Sox Stix and came out with two skeins of Lorna's Laces along with my needles. The colorway is somewhere I have always wanted to go: Tuscany.

Thanks to a Friend for giving me a kick in the rear to post. It may have been another week before I'd gotten over here!


Natalie said...

That cape is too cute for words!

Can't wait to see your socks... Hope it is sock weather soon!

Patti said...

Very cute cape! But that's why I've taken to only knitting socks or cardigans for my children.

Wow, Pleasanton - not all that local. lol I'm teaching my sister and her friend how to knit - maybe I can convince them to go on a yarn crawl with me....

Kate said...

The cape is adorable! And love your new lorna's laces.

I made a beautiful cardigan with 2 colours (teal with pink hearts) for my daughter when she was about 7 -- it was quite a feat for me working with 2 colours and came out just beautiful, I thought. My daughter refused to wear it, ever, her sister also refused to wear it, I gave it to my sister's goddaughter, and guess what, SHE wouldn't wear it either! So it was donated to goodwill and hopefully some little girl is wearing it. :)

a friend to knit with said...

i was so happy to see that you had "lit" up in my bloglines!! :)

honestly, that cape is too cute for words,(so are those little legs) and the story such a will one day be a memory that will make you smile!

and aren't you just the sweetest to knit those gloves for sarah! it looks like lovely yarn!

kt83 said...

the cape is just so adorable!!And i am in love with your lorna's laces!!

Sarah said...

That cape is too cute for words!

Thank you so much - those gloves are just perfect!!! Thank you! Just can't say that enough....

: )