Sunday, September 16, 2007

Charade Parade

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an FO to share!

I finished these Charades last night. As I had mentioned before, I had intended to start an undulating rib sock but instead the Yarn Pirate called out, "No! More Charades!" As fun as the pattern is, I'm over it, and moving on to (drum roll please):

yes, Embossed Leaves. Will these be done in time to welcome the first day of Autumn, September 23? We shall see! The gorgeous yarn is from The Plucky Knitter: 100% merino fingering. I already had to frog the first 16-round pattern repeat. I had made the cuff in size 4 needles, then wanted to change to size 3. I realized that I had switched out only two of the four needles once I had completed the first repeat.

I'm also anxious to begin Garter Rib socks with my Zuluknitty:


Wannabe said...

OOO, gorgeous socks! I just did the Garter Rib socks in Trekking. Yours will look fab in that SS Zulu.

Sarah said...

Oh, that Zulu is gorgeous!

: )

Natalie said...

LOVE THEM! They are completely fab... Can't wait to see your embossed leaves - they are a perfect fall color!

a friend to knit with said...

your charades are perfect....i love them!
and your cute.....while in carmel, i almost bought these, but couldn't remember if your red pair had the cutouts or not.....look at you, you have both pairs! :)

love the color/yarn for your embossed leaves....perfect for fall.....5 days to go, but i'm not counting....really i'm not, you have little people! :)