Sunday, July 29, 2007

that was then

Last week I had a sock halfway completed. Then I took this picture:

..and so I frogged it. The camera always manages to bring a new perspective to things! I was a bit dismayed; I had put any available free time I had over the last week into working on this sock. But let's face it, this yarn was screaming to be frogged. I love the yarn and I have to do it justice. I just can't rip it out yet again, because I'm sure the ply will be shot after a fourth rip.

So this is now [again]:

I had already cast on Charade with my Rosie Yarn Pirate, and previously I had ca
st on 70-something stitches because I have some pretty big feet, but the sock was WAY too big. Now I'm going with the pattern to the "T". Hopefully there's a lot of ease in the pattern.

Last week we finally got to the beach. We live only a few hours from the coast, but packing up three young kids and finding the time for an overnight trip can sometimes be a little daunting. Once we're there, though, I kick myself for not making the trip more often.

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a friend to knit with said...

oh......a few hours from the beach? sooo lucky......i can see how it is such a "chore" to get there though!

i l.o.v.e that yarn!