Friday, November 30, 2007

christmastime is here again

aka: Good-bye November

I decided to start decorating today for Christmas. The pride and joy of the year is the family of hand-knit Santa stockings for my three kids and husband. You all were asking where my stocking was when I posted about the stockings previously, and the answer to that was "in a box in the attic". Now that the decorations have come out of hiding, the lonely sock was so happy to meet with its new relatives.

My stocking is hard to see in a photo. Obviously, the face and name are not on one side, as the stockings I knit are. My name, "Melana", and the face cover the entire surface of the stocking great-grandma made. Her Santa face was knit in the body of the stocking, but the name is duplicate stitched. On the ones I knit, I duplicate stitched both the name and the face. Her yarn is some sort of acrylic, which has lead to the melting of stockings when I was little. I, of course, being a yarn snob, do not use acrylic, so these stockings are all of Lamb's Pride Worsted.

On the needles (active needles, that is) are Maggie's Fried Green Shock Waves:

Please read about Maggie, and see if your heartstrings don't pull a little. I decided that even if the deadline is today, Maggie can still use socks tomorrow. Anyone with a sock obsession is deserving in my book!

The yarn is White Oak Studio TVyarn in Fried Green Tomatoes, which is actually a colorway exclusive to the Chick Flick tvyarn Sock Club. I think that the next three-month run will begin in February...


a friend to knit with said...

oh....two things warming my heart in this post!
seeing all of your stockings together.....and yours being the inspiration for so special!!! they look fabulous!!!

and maggie.....oh....yes, of course that tugged at my heart. i will have to make her a pair and i am sure she will love to have them trickle in throughout the year!

Anne Bradshaw said...

These knitting blogs are great. I've sent an email to join but not sure if it will go through. The address seemed to be lacking something. I'll be patient!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Nope, it didn't go through. Any idea where the email should be addressed?

On the site it said interweave dot com, which I typed as