Tuesday, December 9, 2008

december: week 2

the turn a squares are all completed.
it's hard to believe that all three hats were knit out of one skein of noro silk garden (color #126) and just a little over one skein of cascade 220 (color #7821).

you saw the very neutral one in my week 1 post. i was extremely pleased with its outcome, as it is very similar to the designer's. the masculine color combo and striping effect was precisely the look i was after. and yes, i had noticed that my skein of silk garden had some bright spots. tried as i might, ignoring the turquoise mixed in there was not possible once the second hat was cast off.

the third hat turned out to be a near identical twin to the second. the bright hues were toned down just a few notches.

the pattern calls for knitting the first two plain body rows in the silk garden, then knitting three rows in the solid cascade, and continuing in that manner through to the end. upon casting on this third hat -- and with unnecessary foresight -- i decided i would knit the first three body rows with cascade 220 and if i should run out of the silk garden, i would just finish the hat in the cascade. i have several yards of silk garden left, so i didn't need to worry after all.

all in all, these hats were satisfying knits. there are too few masculine patterns available, in my opinion. i understand the why of it, but when it's time to knit a gift for one of the great men in my life, i often struggle. it was great to be unconcerned with whether or not my father-in-law would like his, or if my dad would like his... and i really hope that third hat is well-loved by its recipient, too.

and so a question for you handmade gift givers: how do you wrap your goodies? i'm looking for inspiration...


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those are gorgeous!! And wow! Out of just two skeins!

Hmmm...I don't necessarily wrap them in any special way (e.g., I wrap them the same as the others). But I'm going to check back here in the comments for any cool suggestions! I did get MooCards to attach to them this year!

amanda said...

I love how these look together! I would find it very hard to split up such a good-looking threesome!

Holli said...

Love those hats, have always wanted to knit one. Great work! I'm sure the recipients will love them!

Annie said...

I'm sure they will love them. That's a beautiful spectrum of blues.
They would look cute rolled up and tied with some yarn. Check out Ravelry because I once saw a discussion about gift wrapping.

peaknits said...

The hats are fabulous!!! And with two skeins, that is amazing, thanks for the tip! I think some men in my like might be getteing some hats;)

tiennie said...

These look fab! 2 skeins of yarn really went a long way!