Monday, June 28, 2010

summer daze

another month has gone! i cannot fathom that we are halfway through with 2010. seems like just yesterday i was posting about holiday cooking and crafting, and i suppose that has much to do with the fact that i only have four blog posts under my belt for 2010.

i am still plugging away, turning a gorgeous pile of merino wool into a gorgeous sweater [both are ravelry links]: manu has been slowly worked. between all of the highs and lows of another school year closing, then the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a very short summer, and having succumbed to a great book series, there really hasn't been much time devoted to knitting.

i managed to hide away and tink back then re-knit the pleated section last weekend... there were stretched, hole-y stitches right at the pleat on the right side of the sweater, while the pleats on the left side were tight and closed properly. i tried to rectify the holes early on, but couldn't seem to find a way, then plunged onward; the dissatisfaction crept up, though, and i carefully had to work my way back and through the perpendicular construction of the side edging. by knitting slowly and deliberately, i am happy to say that although they're not perfect, the stitches are a lot less loose.

the pattern has taught me a lot. i haven't deviated too much from it, though i have made the sleeves shorter (three-quarter length); mirrored the pleats so that they do not all go in one direction; and removed one row of purling entirely, so that the pleats fall directly from the neckline; i will not be including the pockets, as much as i adore them on other manus i've seen. what awaits me now is applying an i-cord bind off. finding the perfect button is also at the forefront... any recommendations as to where to head for those?


Kristyn Knits said...

It looks beautiful! I'm in awe of your ticking back trials and success! I would have probably driven myself mad going backward. Have a wonderful summer!

Renee said...

So lovely!!

I always check out buttons on etsy.

Anna said...

I love that pattern but fear that my pear-shaped body would make it look pretty dreadful! Yours is looking fantastic so far - good for you for taking the time to be happy with the stitches. They look completely perfect, at least in your photo ;)!

Clare B said...

I love the colour and the stitching does look beautiful

Holli said...

Oh, Wow - that merino is making me drool! What a perfect color for the manu - she'll be gorgeous, for sure.

I hope to begin "The Girl Who..." series sometime this coming fall; glad you're finding them addicting.

Anonymous said...

So funny....I am working on Honey Wilkes in MCN Fingering in a somewhat similar pattern:

though, I'm liking your pattern too and just faved it ... and reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! A friend has invited a bunch of us over to watch the movie later this summer and bring our knitting.

Good luck with both of yours and can't wait to see the finished sweater!


a friend to knit with said...

oh my goodness!
so nice to see you pop up!!!
and that sweater. out of that yarn. in that color. is going to be SPECTACULAR!

stitching under oaks said...

I'm knitting a sweater in a very similar it! Can't wait to see it all completed (no pressure) The pattern is one that has peaked my interest...yours looks quite lovely.

kim said...

I so love this pattern. I've got the Mini-Manu all queued up and ready. Yarn and pattern purchased and waiting. The provisional cast on made me turn to another project, but you've inspired me again.

Hilary said...

That is going to be one stunning sweater. I've been admiring the pattern and the color you've chosen is going to be gorgeous on you! I also want to eat that wool, it looks so squishy. Seriously. :)

I get most of my buttons from antique stores. Some look just like your regular ol' craft store buttons, but there are always a bunch of really interesting options, too. Plus, if you go to an antique store in the Valley, it's usually MUCH less expensive than Etsy. There are two stores on Main St. (Main Street Antiques and Trinkets to Treasures) in Turlock that I usually go to...I'm sure there's something near you, too.

Rachel said...

This color is seriously stunning! The final project will be nothing less than gorgeous I'm sure!

t does wool said...

yes...where did June go??
beautiful color...the sweater will be gorgeous!