Thursday, April 17, 2008

catching up

These might be my most favorite hand-knit socks to date. I adore the Snicket pattern (from the now-defunct MagKnits website) and The Plucky Knitter BFL/Alpaca yarn combination. There is so much great texture that it's hard to resist running my hands down the legs and across the instep.

Sadly, however, I have run out of yarn:

So these will sit, in a Yarntainer, for an unknown amount of time, waiting for a possible matching donor.

Of course, since I am well adept at yarn stashing, I cast these on to brighten my mood.

Garter Rib socks in Scout's Swag 100% Superwash Merino -- "ZuluKnitty" colorway.

Garter Rib socks are slightly addictive to knit. I love that I can sit and knit with girlfriends without glancing down at a pattern every row. The pattern can also hide minor errors well. As much as I do adore the pattern, I wonder if a stockinette sock would have looked better with this particular colorful yarn.


Philigry said...

look at you go! love those socks!

Hilary said...

Dude, you ALWAYS choose the best sock yarns! I love both of them -- the pretty red for the Snickets (I hope someone can help you with the remaining needed yarn as it would be a tragedy for those not to be finished), and the funky Zuluknitty. I love how the garter rib pairs with the yarn!

Btw, I tagged you with the Seven Random Facts meme -- I think you may have answered something similar a couple months ago, so I won't feel bad if you don't want to do it!

kim said...

That's so sad about the Snickets, but you seem to have recovered rather quickly. Such pretty yarn!

Wannabe said...

TOTAL Bummer! Can yu rip out the toes and do that in another color...that way you will at least have enough for the legs? Did she dye 2 skeins? Can you look in her sold items on Etsy and stalk the person that ordered another skein and beg to buy it?

a friend to knit with said...

has a donor shown up yet??????
i sure hope so!!!
they are fabulous.
as is your new header!!!!!!!!
i am in love with it!!!

Sarah said...

Oh. Those socks are taking my breath away. Not only are they gorgeous, but I'm just sick that you've run out of yarn. I'm working on it. I'm tracking down a skein of the base for you and maybe I could get you to mail me one of the socks so I can match it as best I can?

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