Friday, April 18, 2008

Seven Randoms

The fabulous Hilary tagged me with a "Seven [Random] Facts About Me" meme. I really can't explain why I love reading these on other people's blogs and profiles, but I do, and so to reciprocate, I'll play too.

I am damn good at Goober's Lab on Webkinz. Webkinz are Beanie Baby-like toys that come with codes that give the new pet owner access to The stuffed animal you hold in your hand becomes an animated virtual pet that you must feed and house (you can also dress it in -- among other things -- fruity hats and ball gowns) and to do this, you must earn KinzCash by playing games and answering trivia. Goober's Lab is a game similar to Bejeweled; this is a game I also have on my iPod, so I've had a lot of practice. (I feel like I must disclose that I have a four-year old with multiple Webkinz and she's not quite yet skilled in the ways of KinzCash acquisition without aid.)

I do not generally like knick-knacks; however, I am compelled to keep the complimentary shampoo and lotions that sit in the bathrooms of hotels that I've stayed in on extraordinary vacations.

The only other knick-knacky things I enjoy are antique hat pins. My collection isn't huge, and that's because authentically vintage hatpins are extremely hard to find.

I really like office supplies. The fact that companies have to police their supply closets is completely understandable to me. If I had it my way, I'd have a freshly sharpened Mirado Black Warrior pencil, its Pink Pearl eraser untouched, each and every time I wrote. And Post-Its flags? Those are little drops of organizing heaven...

...leading me to the different types of organizing types. Did you know there was such a thing? I suppose there are types for everything humans do, but I never really gave it much thought until my husband took a seminar in organizing. I have found out that I'm a "sorter", but I'm not exactly successful. Sorters go through a room, sorting the items out into different piles, like "to file", "to shred", or "to donate", "to store". I'm wonderful at that part. It's the next part that always trips me up: "the sorter is required at some point to determine the final status of the items."

I am not a big TV viewer. There are a handful of shows I watch without fail: "Grey's Anatomy", "Eli Stone", and "The Barefoot Contessa". When "Rome" was on HBO, I lived for the next episode. But I have one show that I can't keep from tuning in for; in fact, as I sit there watching, I'm asking myself, "Why? Why do you waste 30 minutes for this?"

And lastly, my strange human tricks attesting to my agility: I can make my tongue touch my nose, and should I ever have a very odd need, I am capable of biting my own toenails.

So, I'm tagging you ALL -- anyone over there, on the left, in the blogroll. You can participate if you'd like. Be assured that I'll be reading it. Especially now that I've finally taken the time to set up my Bloglines! Can you believe that I was just clicking my way to your blogs from my own??

The fine print:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Wannabe said...

I watch The Hills too. *sheepish grin*

peaknits said...

omg, thanks for the tip on Goober's Lab - I love Bejeweled - now me and my eight year old can bond over Goober) and those pencils...I must get some! I love office supplies too - especially pens or binder clips!!

a friend to knit with said...

i too am a sorter.
i have never heard of the hills.
and am also capable of biting my own toe nails.
however, the thought revolts me! :)
i am so happy about your bloglines!!!
until i discovered it, i too went through all those blogs on my own!
look at the extra knitting time you now made room for!!!

Sarah said...

Isn't Bloglines the best? What a time saver!

The toe nail things cracks me up and grosses me out, just a little. I have no idea what Webkinz is...

Was great fun to read... I'll play along.

Hilary said...

I am FINALLY back in town and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. I love that you collect antique hat pins -- you'll have to show us some some time! And I had no idea about the organizing types or that organizing seminars existed....I'm going to send my husband. :)