Thursday, April 24, 2008

i feel right at home in this stunning monochrome

Gray: a dull neutral that I love. Even though the color of the Lion Brand Cotton Ease I'm using to knit Wicked is called taupe, in some light it seems gray.

I frogged the collar of my Wicked a couple of days ago and began anew. I felt like the cables in the previous work were a little too sloppy for me to live with, and after giving it a time-out, I decided -- like usual -- that if I don't love it, I should rip it.

(left) first collar, with the messy cables; (right) new collar, knit super tight.

Wicked is a wickedly easy knit, but I think I'll work in some bust shaping for my OUTgoing girls, and some waist shaping. At this point, I am planning to knit the pocket, but we'll see for sure as I get closer. I don't need any added bulk at the tummy, but I've heard that this particular pocket doesn't seem to add too much.

Grey's Anatomy is back on network TV tonight. To say I'm excited is a bit of an understatement. Since Carl's at work and the kids will be asleep, I can enjoy a live broadcast (usually, I rely heavily on my DVR's faithfulness) and a hot cup of chai tea. Oh, hopefully the show is so riveting, I really won't need to knit, but in case, I have another sock to work on, cast on JUST for the re-entry of Grey's:

That's right, it's sKNITches Syncopation in "Seriously?". This is described, on, as "blue scrubs, lab coat, Meredith's grey, anatomy red." Isn't it perfect??

Oh, and my one finished Snicket sock is going in the mail today, being sent to The Plucky Knitter. She's going to try to color-match some new yarn for me! Thanks, Sarah; you're the best!!


kim said...

I love the neutral color you chose for your Wicked. There's nothing wrong with retrying until you're satisfied.

I woke up this morning and said, "I'm a bit more excited than I should be about Grey's." But I don't care. I've waited months! It's my silly indulgence, and I shall have it!

I'm so happy you will be able to finish your beautiful socks!

Jane said...

I LOVE your sock! I have to get that colorway the next time they update! LOVE IT! jane

Philigry said...

the colors in the sock are to die for! i love wicked too! it is coming along so nicely. i can't wait to see it,and i hope you have a fun night! sounds like it to me!

Sarah said...

You are more than welcome dearie! Happy to help...

Hmmm. I need to finish my Seriously socks too. Hmmmmm

Love the grey, btw.

tiennie said...

Grey's rocked, didn't it? And your Wicked - another beautiful grey!

Wannabe said...

The tighter Wicked rocks it. The cables look SOOO much betta. ;)

And I love that Seriously sock. I'm hoping to watch it tonight since I missed it while I was at knitting last night. I'm thinking Seriously Jays for my yarn. :)

That Sarah is a peach. I hope it works out!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Great job on frogging the Wicked and reknitting...the new cables look fabulous! I love the color you chose too.

And yay! Grey's in back! And I love that sock yarn too!

a friend to knit with said...

oh, i was so excited about greys too! i got the kids down extra early, and the hubby was out of town. just me. and greys. and my knitting. yippee!!!
i thought it was great. but i sure miss derek and meredith being together.

wicked will be so great. and you were so smart to redo it.

i too LOVE that color way for your socks.
i am also very excited for you about your snickets! that is fabulous news!!

Hilary said...

Your Wicked is going to be...wicked! Definitely not a boring grey.

So did you like Grey's? I myself was riveted...though I could have done without the whole evisceration thing...

sheepish one said...

Hilary, you always make me smile. Nothing warms me more than language use. "Evisceration" is such the proper word, and I love that you posted it ... everyone else says "the whole 'intestines in the hand' thingie."

I wish that I could have been more impressed with the episode. It didn't reel me in, as older episodes once did. Meredith has always needed to mature, but I thought she was TOO mature in the episode. Honestly, because of the break, I forgot that this season in its entirety has left me underwhelmed.

I'm grateful for its return, even with its slightly dull edge. I have faith it'll rebound.

Philigry said...

oh, i wanted to tell you that i just read something about blocking a sweater and putting covered newspaper balls where your breasts will be ( I have very OUT there girls too) anyway,, it is supposed to make the piece fit a lot better and i hear it works like a charm!